Modern Day Ruth

I found a picture the other day that listed some of the things a modern Ruth does and is.

In this picture the list says this:

She gets up

She prays

She sings

She sweats

She struggles

She tries

She gives

She comforts

She cries

She hopes

She dreams

She cries

She sleeps

She gets up

And does it all again…

I sent this to a friend the other day who I view as a modern day Ruth. I’ve always been fascinated with the book of Ruth. She lost someone she loved, her husband. Most of what I love is through all the trials and hardship she was still faithful to God, and she never gave up.

Ruth didn’t fear her future, but instead embraced it. She didn’t know that her future held Boaz, her prince charming. I don’t want to live in a constant state of anxiety about my future and the ‘what ifs.’ I want to be like Ruth and embrace it. I want to embrace the pain, the laughter, the tears, the smiles and everything it brings.

In my time of finding out that the man I decided to marry was not the man God has planned for me, I am finding that if Ruth could lose a man that she loved deeply and still find a guy as selfless and caring as Boaz, then there must be a Boaz out there for me, too. My heart’s desire is to chase after Christ as hard as I can. Without him, I’ll never find my perfect husband!

I desire to be like this woman. A woman of God. A woman who is passionate about Christ. A woman who loves without limits. A woman who is faithful. A woman who isn’t ashamed. A woman who is an example for other women. I want to be a modern day Ruth.


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