Mirror, mirror. What do you see?

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

For me, I see this tall young woman who looks like a mess. Her hair is strayed every which way. Her clothes aren’t new. Her arms give reason to why she’s still here. Even if it’s not that noticeable, she notices. Her figure isn’t what she would like it to be. Her insides are falling apart. Her heart feels empty and forgotten. She has monsters all around her. Screaming at her constantly, “You are never going to be who you really want to be! You are never going to be normal! You are stuck like this, and you always will be!”

As her hands grow numb, she knows what’s happening. This calls for another sleepless night. She wants to be okay, more than okay. She’s so tired of fighting this battle inside her mind. One blow after another is how life seems to be rolling. Her future is frightening. The heartbreak there could possibly be is unimaginable. What if he actually leaves her? That’s not what happily ever looks like, right? Men just leaving seems to have a repetition. Please say he won’t.

The writing on the mirror tells her just how beautiful she actually is. “Don’t give up,” she repeats to herself. Don’t give up. People tell her to just give it time. Is time really going to fix a relationship? She’s put her guard up. Because of the emptiness she can’t let him in. How is she supposed to just trust what he says? She wants to give up. She wants to give in. Pressure will not conquer her.

She is worthy of love. She is free. She just doesn’t see it yet.


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