The Heart Knows… Or Does It?

“Follow your heart,” they say.

Right now I am wondering if I even have one. My head says, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Just give him time.” Is time really going to fix this mess? No, most certainly not. My dad tells me that “men just don’t know how to communicate.” How frustrating!

I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be. I’m at fault, too. Maybe I push to much. Maybe I let him see what I go through too much. Maybe we aren’t meant to be. Maybe he was just here for a season. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I feel empty. I’m a rain bucket waiting for the shower, and I am only getting sunshine with a UV index of 100. “Three strands are not easily broken,” and this has got to be a two strand braid going on because this is falling apart faster than I wish. 

Does the heart really know? I still love him. But, I also love me and my future kids. They don’t deserve to be treated with any less respect.


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