Dear Child

Dear Child,

I saw you last night at my table. You are only seven. You are in the second grade. Your parents told me you had ADHD pretty severely. But what I saw was a seven year old, one who was hyper and excited about life. I saw this beautiful blonde headed girl with a bright future.

Your parents begged to differ. Your father said he used to go out and have a good time with your mom before you came along. Then your mother joined. They were complaining about you for being seven. They regretted having you. I stood speechless for a moment trying to wrap my head around what they were both saying. You looked at me out of desperation to make them stop. Instead of talking to them I started talking to you.

You told me that you needed cherries to enjoy your chocolate covered ice cream, and I didn’t disagree. You told me about your school and your friends. I was so excited for you. Your parents disgusted me.

I want you to know that acting seven isn’t a disorder. Acting seven is only going to come once. Enjoy it! People will always disagree with the things you do or say, but everyone is different. You can’t please anyone other than Christ. He is the only approval needed.

I hope you are enjoying your day at school. Learn something new!


Your Friend


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