It was perfect.

He was there waiting for me on the SkyWheel as a surprise. I thought we were at the beach to take family pictures and hang out together.

Here’s how our fairytale begins:

It was Saturday morning, November 12, when I woke up to a phone call from my mom. She asked what time I’d be there to get dressed and ready for pictures. We were supposed to be leaving by 8:30 a.m. Knowing how my family operates, that didn’t happen.

We leave for the beach with makeup and hair done, and of course sleeping in the car made it so much more beautiful.

He’s waiting on the ferris wheel in this special cart that has a glass bottom, and I had no idea what was happening. My mom and I went to the restroom and I got the intention that we were going to the beach to take pictures after we were done.

My sister, pretended to be so excited about riding the ferris wheel that I “had to go on it” with her. Okay, well my sister isn’t the one who is going to get the VIP pass to ride in the most cool part of the wheel. I knew something was up.

And like magic, he appeared. His hair was done, his face fresh shaven and the world was complete. We start to go around and he points to the right, “Look at that. Isn’t it beautiful?” He points to the left, “Hey, look right there.” My face dropped and he gave me the biggest smile as he was nervously shaking. His parents and my parents were holding a poster that said, “Will you marry me?” As soon as I saw it, he got down on his knee and asked, “so, will you marry me?”

With a crowd waiting for us to get off the ferris wheel, we heard “congratulations” all over. Then, there was this one guy who came up and said, “Good luck!” We both laughed because we know this isn’t going to be easy, but worth it.

I had never dreamed of this proposal being so perfect. It was like my fairytale daydream.

He was perfect. He is perfect in all his flaws.


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