I may be young, but…

I wasn’t born yesterday.

I am not ignorant (sometimes naïve though).

I may be considered “too nice” and while that may be true, I have limits like everyone else.

I will not be treated like so. We are all adults that work together, and I am none the less. Tonight, work may have pushed me to my limit, and this is why –

I went into work at 4:30 and was given a table of 2. Following that table of 2, a party of 7 was given to me. Unaware of the rotation, I agreed to take it. A fellow coworker of mine decided it was unfair and became angry with the situation at hand. I told this person they could have it. As they were walking to the wine hutch, they looked and then said to me, “No, you can have it. It’s a bunch of kids.” My first thought was, “Wow. It must be sad to live in a world where children don’t bring excitement.”

I am not stupid. I knew what was happening. It was about the money. I don’t work to just work. I work because I have bills to pay, too. I have people who depend on me, and I have myself. It’s insulting to have someone who’s old enough to be a parent in my life to basically tell me they don’t want the party because it’s kids and they won’t tip. How wrong were they.

This happened a second time, and I was livid at this moment. A different party of 7 was sat at the table. It was not my turn in rotation, so I said the table was for the other person. As this person was preparing to greet the table, they stopped and said, “Can you take it? My feet are hurting.” First off, the feet they were speaking of were just fine prior to this table being sat. Second, you may not disrespect me or any other person that way. I knew what was going on. I notice more than I care to, but I never say anything. Tonight I had enough.

With everything going on in my life, people coming or going, some staying or leaving, I just broke. I broke in a good way. The people who were involved in these parties shouldn’t be treated this way, nor should I.

Don’t accuse me of being ridiculous because I never say anything. This was coming, and tonight was the last straw. I lost all respect for this person. I forgive them, and have let it go. But I know what they’re like, and it’s never going to be the same.

I may be young, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

I may be quiet, but I do have a voice.

I may be too nice, but I won’t demand anymore than respect.


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