Full Circle

I can’t please you. I am only human.

I am….






Don’t hold me to any expectations as I will fail you. Trust me when I say I am not dependable. Even I don’t know what to expect. You say I am a light in your life, yet you tear me down. You tell me that I am beautiful and strong willed, yet I am being pushed away.

I am very independent and often think I can handle things on my own. Congratulations, you now know that I can’t do that. I know my limits, yet I continue to push past them. I want to be able to exceed my limitations. I want to expand my boundaries within myself in a way that I can handle more, and I can better deal with my anxiety.

Just listen when I speak. Don’t listen to respond. I don’t need that. I need a listening ear from you. I thought I could come to you, but you obviously can’t be there. I wish you would talk to me. I wish you could just tell me what it is that has you so frazzled instead of pushing me away and tearing me down. I’m trying to work on our relationship, and this only makes me want to keep my distance.

I love you. You are unforgettable. You gave me life. You walked with me, and at times I walked alone. I have never felt so pushed away as I do now. Please, I am unable to give you the support you need as I have never been put in a corner of silence like this one. I am wondering who you even are.

I hope this turns around for the best; a full circle.


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