Exit Stage Right

I remember the fun times we had together.  I also remember the times we walked through hell with each other.

We were inseparable.

I pushed you away, and you had every right to be upset with me. I blocked you out for a while, and you had every right to tell me how you felt.

Now, I’m listening to what your saying to me. Nothing will ever be the same, and that cuts deeply. I can feel the pain in my chest about how you feel, and I deeply regret everything I did to you.

As you message me, I can’t help but wonder why I keep allowing you in my life. Why do I continue to allow this relationship to continue? I am building my wall, and I am putting myself first because I can’t continue to be dragged through the dirt witht the piercing comments, the useless texts and the pretending.

I thought I could tell you anything. Now, it’s hitting me that you have a new best friend, and I have my sweet love. We don’t have each other anymore, and there is nothing wrong with that. We just aren’t meant to be. We went through the seasons we needed to, and it’s time for me to let go. I can’t make things the way they were before everything happened between us. You were the light of my life at one time. When I saw you, I used to just get so happy because we were inseparable.

We were best friends.

Drinking coffee with someone else just doesn’t feel right, but at the same time it does. Because of everything we went through I am growing. I am learning how to let go and not feel bad about getting rid of toxic people in my life. This is healthy. By God’s grace we survived what we thought we couldn’t. Through the love we had for each other, we survived the hospital together and the aftermath. Thinking about it still makes me cry, and it’s hard to let you go, but it must be done.

You are beautiful, and I pray nothing but good for you. I pray that God takes over your life completely, and your dreams of playing on a stage become real. One day I’ll be listening to you on the radio like you always dreamed, and it will be the sweetest moment. I have no doubt that God put you in my life to be a lesson to never give up, even if it is hard. I’m exiting this stage we built. As soon as leave, we will no longer be. Be safe out there.

It’s said that the hardest things to do are most likely the right things to do.

I’m letting go, and the pain is deep. You’ve moved on; it’s time I do the same.

I love you, dear.  


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