Super Woman

It’s been stated. You really are superwoman.

Believe in yourself a little more. Have confidence in your abilities. Dear, you weren’t placed here without a purpose.

Your hands may shake. Your face may glow with nervous sweat. Your stomach may turn in knots. But you, you are superwoman.

You may not know it, but when the hands start to shake, the sweat becomes too unreal and the stomach like a brick you realize that life is dancing right at your fingertips.

There’s nothing like realizing just how amazing you really are. You have survived much more than you thought you ever could. Comments about your career choice are only a matter of opinion, and you my friend have handled them quite well with the sarcasm you were blessed with. You work twenty hours in two days just to pay the bills!

You work late to complete the class assignments of the dreaded math to reach your goal because someone needs you. Your love is what someone needs. The abandonment that you’ve felt, someone needs your comfort. You eat popcorn and work forty if not more hours in a week just to take care of yourself. You have the ability to help someone!

Yes, you may fight anxiety. Don’t you think someone you may help does, too? It’s not a trap you have been given to battle. It’s a battle with a blessing.

You are more than what you think.


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