War Zones & Barriers 

No one enters war without the equipment necessary to win. No barrier has been broken down by a soldier who wasn’t prepared to face the extreme. 

In our daily lives, we pass people who are bruised, broken, crushed and defeated. We pass people who are able, ready and put together like a perfect picture. In reality, we are all those people in one giant picture. There’s so much that we face daily that we could easily cover up. We pretend that we live in w perfect world where nothing is wrong to society. Is that the armor necessary to defeat the war that enters our own personal lives? 

To pretend is to only fall apart even more. 

Tear down the barrier of failure and lies. Lies can hold up a wall, but when the belt of truth walks in be prepared to watch that barrier crumble to pieces. The strength it takes to stand up and conquer the war zone is the same to blow up a barrier into flames. 

There is peace to be found. There is love to be held. There is a God who won’t let you go unprepared. He gave you the instructions. He gave you a command to listen and follow through. He is the chief of command and we are the soldiers marching forward with the Word in our hands and faith like David to defeat anything that comes our way! 


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