Scars of War 

Hold yourself accountable. The self motivation and discipline is what makes this count! 

Who cares that you work and go to school? Who cares that even the slightest temptation to give in is whispering in your ear? Who really cares? 

What I’m trying to express is that you’re not always going to have someone there to save you. Someone isn’t always going to be catching you as you fall. Most times they’re watching from the side lines and then wishing they had done something. That’s just it. No one can hear you until the breakdown has occurred, and no one bothers to care about it until it happens. 

The world is crashing down, and all you can do is to look up to sky on your knees and pray for a miracle. The things you face isn’t worth a scar. Please don’t give up. You have done so well. You are stronger than this! Resist temptation and listen to what is true. You are the only one holding you accountable. 

The friends you thought were friends have disappeared. It’s just you and God. 

Pick up the pieces on your knees and keep going. 

I have finally found why 1 Peter 5 has been on my heart. I’m watching out for the one who wants to devour me and ruin my life one step at a time. This is a war inside my head; inside my heart. 

No scar is worth the lie that enters my mind. 


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