I may not be in the best financial state, but you are allowing me to go to school. 

I may not have everything I want, but you gave me a home to shower, eat and sleep in. 

I may not be where I want to be, but Jesus you are guiding me there. 

You are greater than all I worry about. All the finances, the school, relationships and my overall well being. 

Reading in 1 Peter 5 I am learning about the grace you have given me. You have given me a wonderful woman and leader who will come just to sit with me when I am at my wits end. You have blessed me with a leader who guides me in the right direction no matter what it is. You have showed me what boundaries are and how to set my limits, and with her help I was able to. What is so funny to me is she’s the woman who showed me grace when I failed at being stronger than the temptation I faced. 

The enemy is prowling around me waiting for me to fall so far down in hopes to destroy me. I’ve been allowing him to do so as I have not been fully armored throughout the day. You have to be stronger and louder than anything that enters my mind. You are magnified and you are what keeps my mind sober. 

You have blessed me with leaders who are there to help in times of trouble, and wouldn’t give up on me even if I gave up on myself. These trials I face are nothing compared to what you have in store for my life. 

We Are Messengers are one of the greatest bands I have ever listened to. They have a song out titled Magnify. This song and the reading I mentioned above have given me hope. It’s also showing me I need to keep my  focus on the one who is leading my life! 


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