Nothing makes me feel more insecure than someone telling me that I will never make it in the adult world. It’s a voice that’s followed me around for years now, and the word failure is like a curse; it never ends. 

The more I try, the less I want to. The motivation is lacking, but I’m determined to prove them wrong. It’s what I do best. I fight until I can’t fight anymore. Dear, the battle has just begun. As I’m scrambling from one job to the next, I’m finding that adult life sucks. When the love of your life wants to take care of you and give you everything you’ve ever wanted, it makes you just want to cry. I am so unworthy of being loved like this. It’s a love that I don’t know how to handle. But he’s perfect and wants to see me succeed at everything I do. 

Two classes underway. Two jobs that take priority of my life. One love that I can’t live without. Support on all ends, and here I am drowning in not knowing what to say or do. But I can mange to break down and cry my eyes out. I’m more than thankful for everything. 

And someone makes me feel incompetent? I can do this and I will show you. 


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