Insult to My Obedience

To the man who thought his advice was necessary, I apologize for the sarcasm you had to endure. 

I am not sorry, however, for doing what I have been called to do. Money is not my focus. Money is just an object. To place children in homes with good families and to see them actually happy is the reward for this job. 

Money is the root of all evil. You sir, have a completely bitter life. You seemed to be so caught up in the money trees that you forgot what you were here for. Telling me I should go into law enforcement if I want to help people was nearly an insult to my obedience. I am not designed for law enforcement. I appreciate those who are, and I guarantee that a child appreciates a social worker just the same. 

Excuse me, as I struggle through paying for school and waiting tables to do so, I’m doing what I am supposed to. 


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