You Got This 

Your day wasn’t exactly yours yesterday. Guess what? That day is so over! 

Eight hours of sleep later, here you are. Awake, alive, breathing. Hair is done. Makeup is on. New uniform and a load of hope to be successful in life – even if it’s not the dream job you are going to school for. You are amazing; believe that. 

Panicky feeling, that’s your nerves. Calm yo-self! You can do this. You have Jesus. You also have a new team to work with. Believe in them. Don’t give up before you even walk in the door. Crab your ID and get on with your life. 

You had a panic attack yesterday night, so what? Your body is tired, mind confused, and emotionally unstable today. Today is your day. Make it what you want. Don’t look forward to what my never come! 

Live the day with grace and love. 

1 Peter 5:10 

Show everyone undeserved kindness – I don’t care how you feel. 


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