It’s that time where you just need a glass of wine to relax and put yourself at ease. 

Kick your feet up and watch your favorite show. You need to. Breathe, you are okay. 

This may be the anxiety talking, but these thoughts going through my mind are completely irrational. I now have a house full of people. It’s a bit overwhelming right now, but I know that I will be okay. My body is in shock. From a panic attack and straight back into working plus everything else, I’m drowning

Have you ever fallen into a black hole while sleeping? I have. Only this time, I’m awake. Working on a song the other night, I realized that I wrote what I needed to hear. God holds us. He holds every part of us. My heart is broken for many things and not just the things going on in my life. My relationship with my mom could be better. My work life could be better. Everything in my life could be better. But there is a reason behind every trial; every change. 

Here I am. My glass of wine in my hand. My music is sitting next to me, and a cat laying on my back. 

It’s time to relax


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