Crushing It 

Your face is peeling from the sunburn at the beach.
You look ugly. You feel ugly. Makeup does no justice to your nose and forehead. 

You walk out with make up and somewhat not frizzy hair to an interview that you aren’t even nervous about anyway. 

You crush it with a personality that is funny and “easy to talk to.” In one moment your moving on with your life. You’re branching out from a sheltered place into a place of risk – as in hours that is. You don’t know a lot of cocktails or liquors, but you know that you’re so determined and stubborn enough to learn as you go. 

Despite feeling insecure, you crushed the interview like it was nothing. It was nothing more than a conversation. 

You did well. You got the job. It’s not exactly what you wanted, but it’s better than where you are at. 

I must ask, if you could be any type of cookie, what would you be and why? 


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