He’s Invincible 

He’s incredibly talented at being my rock. 

This morning I woke up to chaos. The cats had fleas, my mom needed me, work was calling me, and everything seemed out of control. 

As I was frantically vacuuming my couch this afternoon I realized I had not eaten all day (around 2:00), but I managed to become so overwhelmed that my body physically shut down. I was on edge with everything. As I was working, I felt something chaotic stirring in my chest,  and I couldn’t focus on my job. 

Rewind. Earlier that day, I still hadn’t given my toddler cats a bath and I was running out of time. Money crunch, time crunch, and all out exhausted is leaving me feeling like I’m not going to survive this being on my own thing. Although, I know better than to believe that. I’m stubborn enough to prove I can survive on my own. 

As I’m rushing to make dinner before work and cleaning my house in the midst of it, my sweet love tells me that he will give the cats a bath and change the litter

That probably doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a weight that lifted up off my shoulders. 

After working 8 days straight doing double shifts and being kept longer than supposed to be, I am realizing now what I took for granted when I first started to date this wonderful man who just came waltzing in to my life to save me. 

He will be up from 5 in the morning and not go home until midnight because he wants to spend time with me. He holds me when I’m falling apart. He’s showing me that not all men are going to leave and forget about me. He’s what I look up to and love deeply. He’s invincible. 

  After all I have put him through, he still stands by me — even if I get a little crazy, anxious, depressed, lonely. He is showing me what love is. 


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