Now She Knows

Tight chest. Hurting stomach. Lungs shutdown. Hyperventilate. Sweat overtaking.

The air is so much to consume in a moment like this.

Through the pain of what could be and fear of the unknown, life came crashing down. Words cannot calm a raging soul that fears the future.

No one knows the depth a panic attack truly has; however, it is different for everyone.

One cannot simply feel what someone else feels even if it is similar; it is always different. The torment of what may be ahead is a weight to take in. It is not ours to carry, for we simply do not own it.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be a long tunnel filled with curves, drops, and rough edges. At the end, the scars formed from the wounds heal and become new.

Recovery is like that. Painfully exhausting. Never would I wish this type of pain on someone else.

There is more than just the physical that most people see.

It is being overwhelmed. It is tolerating what you know you cannot change and losing your mind thinking you can fix it.

Though the future may seem unbearable, now she knows.

My pain. My hurt. My stomach. All the weight in my chest. All the tears. Hyperventilating.

IMG_2187Now she knows.



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