Combat Boots

Camouflage and combat boots hang in the closet. 

Fresh scent of starch fills the iron and uniforms become sharp; presentable. 

Medals and decorations hang on the walls for accomplishments. 

Pictures in frames sit on the coffee table of freedoms choice to send away to fight. 

The plane that flies over the ocean is filled with camouflage and combat boots packed in camouflage duffel bags. 

Bombs light the sky and make homemade sunroofs in old plane hangers. 

People lose lives they love the most. 

Camouflage pants crawl through the rummage to find shelter in a lit up sky of fire. 

Weapons tied tight around the waist for protection don’t compare to a building collapsing. 

Camouflage and combat boots return home; some who survived and some who gave everything. 

Nothing is better than the hugs received when camouflage walks off the plane. 

Camouflage and combat boots paid for freedom with blood, sweat, and tears. 

Camouflage and combat boots. 


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