The walls nicely painted wait for recognition. The bathroom neatly put together waits for approval. 

In your kitchen you stack new dishes and place coffee cups in order. The fresh coffee aroma fills the house along with the scent of the cinnamon Life cereal in the pantry. 

The living room has a home like feel as you pull the blanket over the couch for some color. Your bedroom is just like it’s always been – yours. 

My heart is broken. Won’t you please come see what I’ve done? Won’t you please come tell me how proud you are? 

The money is not the matter here. It’s my heart. It’s my thoughts and my sense of security. I know I have the talent of pushing people away. Please don’t go. Come see the work I have done. Support me through this! I need you. 

Although I don’t know why, I’m waiting for your approval. I’m waiting for you to tell me how proud you are; that you have faith in me. 

We’re damaged. Can we ever be whole? 


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