You’re Doing It Again 

Would you stop running? 

Just sit down and listen. 

It’s a war. A constant fight. I only obtain one weapon and a lack of strength. Sliding backwards and falling behind on anything I do is overcoming me. 

I sit here and enjoy my lunch alone. There’s more to falling apart. It’s a cycle of “I know you aren’t healed” and “I wonder if you ever will be.” Just for the record, I wonder the same thing. There’s more to faking at work just to survive a shift of neediness and “Ma’am can you bring me this?” I’m not Superwoman. I’m more human if anything because of what I go through, and I’m sure you are too. 

The verse posted in the picture is perfect because it’s something I have to do daily. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. If I was, I would be a bit concerned that human existence existed no more. We all have our problems. We need someone to run to  at all times – in the day, night, evening, etc,. I can’t just pick up the phone and call someone. Why would I bother them with something that is not able to be fixed? It’s a battle because it’s a daily thing and we need someone we can talk to everyday. It gets old quick. 

As a conclusion, instead of running or pushing people away, I talk to the one who brings me back to Him during it all. Yes, it is challenging because I don’t always hear Him, but that is what friends are for. 

And the war rages. 


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