Worked up about every little thing possible, I can’t seem to keep a positive outlook in anything today. 

The song, work, enjoying my night, and even spending time with someone I love – I am lacking motivation for anything today. 

I keep repeating in my mind “Phillipians 4:13, Phillipians 4:13.” Between the anxiety and that leading to being depressed I am exhausted. Recovering from something such as a panic attack leaves you restless and unable to focus (at least for me anyway.) The thought that it’s always going to be there taunting me is sleep depriving and ultimately the most depressing feeling I know. 

I have to keep going. Like an arrow from a bow, I have to keep going forward in a positive direction. There are draw backs, but they always end up slinging me forward. Pull the arrow back and let it go forward. I can’t keep holding on to something I’m beating myself up on such as the song I’m leading on Sunday. Just let the arrow fly and see what happens. After all, life’s about taking chances. 

Phillipians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ. 

It’s time to be like Peter and walk on waves! 


One thought on “Discouraged 

  1. I admire the positivity and perseverance. I can really empathise with that feeling, that knowing… that its going to be part of you for life.

    I like the bow and arrow analogy 🙂

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