The Limit does not Exist

Deadline this! Work that! Sleep? Ha! 

My mind seems to think I can handle multiple projects at once! Between painting my new house and working almost 40 hours a week, where is time for me to relax?

There’s not. Who am I kidding? I’ve failed to maintain a boundary even within myself! I have bit off more than I can chew to be quite honest. I’m sitting in my car writing this before I go into work! Go figure! 

My stress level has increased tremendously with all the excitement! Wait. Does that even make sense! Probably doesn’t, but as I get more excited, the less energy I seem to produce! 

Anxiety isn’t just fear. It’s everything crashing in all at once and defeating motivation. Although, it doesn’t help that I battle depression constantly. Too much excitement equals moodiness and exhaustion! Guess it’s time I draw a line even for myself! 

I’m still walking on waves! Matthew 14. 


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