Just walk away like you do. 

Walk away. That’s okay. Everyone does. 

I’m better off fighting wars alone. 

Only I understand the thoughts inside my head. The voices that tell me I can’t make it are a wage for war, but that won’t stop me. 

What you don’t know is how many times I’ve defended you; how many times I’ve told the truth. 

Walk away. I understand. 

Everyone always leaves. 

I shut down easily. It’s rather pathetic. 

But that’s not your problem. I’m putting my walls up; please, don’t even speak to me. 

You say you love me, but does love feel like this? That’s okay. I don’t want to know. 

I suppose that sometimes leaving makes everything better. 

Just remember what you don’t know. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fix this. 

I’m sorry that no matter what I did I couldn’t change the situation. 

So, walk away so casually like you do. 

You make it look so easy. 

I’m torn apart, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. 

But that’s okay. 
I love you, too. 


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