Is black such a bad color?

Honestly, my opinion of black is that it is elegant and beautiful.

However, some of the connotations of black are negative, it’s all in the matter of perspective.

A situation can be dark and gloomy, but the way you view it says a lot about what you think of the color black. For example, eyeliner is most often worn black. That’s beautiful, right?

Negative minds think black is like death. Though I battle depression daily, black isn’t an ugly color or a statement of how I am doing. If I wanted to make a statement about how I am doing I wouldn’t go out in public and would not wear decent clothes in public. Being a waitress is complicated at times because I do constantly have to fight to keep going. My work attire is all black – professional. Black collared shirt, black pants, black belt, and black shoes – if you really think about it and view it in a different light, black isn’t such a bad color.

Perspective says a lot about you. Forget about the glass being half full or half empty. It can always be filled with more!

Situations, whether personal or not, always have two sides. One with the truth and one that doesn’t. View it in a different light, and things will surely get better! With Christ all things are possible! (Philippians 4:13).

There’s more to life than the colors. Keep your mind full of light and the darkness fades.

So, is black such a bad color?


2 thoughts on “Is black such a bad color?

  1. No. I think it has been written into connotations of negative, I use them myself by saying things like ‘I feel dark and low’ etc. It is a subtle form of putting down black in favor of light (white) and it has racist undertones. I agree. You write this so well. It really must be read by everyone. xo

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  2. As A black man I enjoyed reading your post. There are many subliminal undertones with the color black since the dawn of man kind. Black magic, black cat, black plague, black Light etc. In China “Black Children” means that they are children who were born illegally within the communist Chinese laws. They are not acknowledged by the government. I was shocked when I read that. Also see Malcolm X movie explains more about this. Great read once again


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