You have one job.

Fact or opinion.

Well, that’s your choice.

One job: To love like Jesus loves.

It’s a daily challenge to love like Jesus loves. But, that’s the only job you have.

What others do or say is not part of your problem. Even though they make you just want to scream with some of the things they say, you just have to love them like Jesus does. Their problems are not your burden to carry. BOUNDARY LINE ENTER STAGE LEFT.

Doesn’t everyone have boundaries? Nope. I didn’t for the longest time! Now that I’m placing them in my life learning to love like Jesus does is a daily battle! Worth it, but it’s a struggle. I wish I could replay my life like a movie and do some retakes. This one would probably be take infinity of all the things I have done in my life. However, Jesus loves me like no other love.

Trust me He does the same to you.

Though anger is a natural instinct when something wrong is done to you, it doesn’t solve any problems until it is discussed. 

James 1:19, what greater love than the love of Christ who teaches us to be kind to each other and have a level of understanding? 

Although I am preaching to myself, this is very important to realize that you only have one job. 

Who knows, someone may be saved because you loved them like Jesus does!!! 



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